We create value through sustainability

Sustainability means developing a business model aimed at achieving economic and financial results, creating “value” with an always increasing focus on environmental and social responsibility. A concept that expresses the commitment of the Hotel Al Caminetto towards sustainability and it is carried out in order to meet the expected standards and to fulfil the respect for the environment: bio-architecture and the exploitation of renewable energy sources, the reduction of CO2 emissions, the promotion of the territory and the development of its employees.

Al Caminetto Green

Principles that guide the management of the Hotel Al Caminetto, in which the new luxury goes beyond ostentation and aesthetic taste for its own sake, integrating rather ethical values and the holistic well-being’s philosophy, in which the well-being of the person cannot disregard the environmental one.

The activity of the structure has an environmental impact reduced to a minimum. The interventions implemented to achieve this goal are found in a design that respects the morphology of the landscape, in the hotel’s management that adopts measures and technologies dedicated to the optimal use of natural resources, in the promotion of Lake Garda and the motivation of the staff.

Garda Green Certificate

Garda Green Club establishes a meeting point between companies with touristic vocation and companies with ecological vocation, keeping in mind the goal of ensuring to every visitor, through modern and smart solutions, a eco-friendly holiday with the intent to commit to preserving the typical ecosystem of Lake Garda, for present and future generations.

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